What is the AvidoTherm comfort climate?

The AvidoTherm system is the most modern way to temper a room.
Important: We say „tempering“ instead of „heating“, because our focus is on your comfort temperature.
By the way, “tempering” means not only heating, but also cooling.

The AvidoTherm feel-good climate goes one step further than ordinary heating or air conditioning systems: instead of heating (or cooling) the air around us, the surfaces surrounding us are brought to the optimal temperature and radiate it.

Once this temperature is reached, the surface temperature of the surfaces surrounding us is almost the same as the temperature of the body surface. This feels particularly pleasant for women and men – we speak of “thermal balance”.

When tempering the surfaces, it is important to know: The energy required is much lower than with classicheating systems. In addition, a more pleasant room climate is created and, besides the much lower energy costs, there are usually also lower acquisition costs.

The approach of changing the indoor climate for people offers significantly more energy-saving potential than the classical way of energy efficiency through the technology of boiler, pump, stove etc or the energy source.

How does the feel-good climate principle of AvidoTherm work?


Human thermal balance,
instead of energy demand of the house

For people to feel comfortable, they must be able to give off the right amount of heat. For this to happen, however, it must not be too cold. The surfaces surrounding us must have the correct temperature in relation to the body surface temperature. The air temperature only plays a subordinate role in our well-being.

We do not feel it is too cold or too warm if the floor, walls and ceiling radiate the right amount of heat to the surroundings. The prerequisite for feeling comfortable is always that we humans do not lose or absorb too much body heat during this process.

And this is precisely the principle that the AvidoTherm system uses: the physical principle of heat radiation.

Everyone has experienced for themselves that our well-being is independent of the air temperature. In the spring months, the measured air temperature is often still in the single-digit degree Celsius range. This is actually much too cold for humans. Nevertheless, you can even sit in the sun in a T-shirt and feel really comfortable.

How does that work? It’s because of the heat radiation emitted by the sun. The air hardly takes on this temperature. However, this radiant heat has an immediate effect on the human being as a solid body.

Like the sun every solid body can radiate heat. The sun would be much too warm for a living space. However, if the surfaces surrounding us have a temperature that is pleasant for us, then they radiate this to the room and we feel “like heaven”.


Technical generation change:
Parallel instead of serial water flow

The AvidoTherm feel-good climate is not the only heating system that makes use of radiant heat. Every underfloor heating system does. And that is exactly why classic underfloor heating systems are perceived as so energy-efficient (approx. 20 % less energy costs) and pleasant in contrast to the old radiator.

However, the AvidoTherm principle goes one step further technically: with AvidoTherm, the fluid in the pipes is routed in parallel and not serially (serpentine). This system is named after its inventor, the Tichelmann system.

This means: if the water has to run 13 metres per square metre over the same area in classic underfloor heating systems, it only runs 2 metres in the AvidoTherm system.

1. boilers, heat pumps etc.

must produce lower initial temperatures, as the temperature loss at 2 metres is significantly lower than at 13 metres. Classic underfloor heating requires 30-40 degrees Celsius. The AvidoTherm system only needs 25-30 degrees Celsius. This difference significantly reduces energy costs.

2. reduced load on floors, walls and ceilings:

Since the temperature loss between flow and return is much lower, it does not require any surface material that is specially designed for the load of classic underfloor heating, wall heating or ceiling heating. This is because the AvidoTherm system only uses temperatures that these surfaces assume in summer even without a heating system.

3. no wave-like temperature differences:

With classic underfloor heating systems, the pipes can only be laid at close intervals with great effort (material costs and material stress due to bending). For this reason, approx. 10-20 cm spacing is the standard. This leads to a “warm-cold-warm-cold” feeling on the floor. The AvidoTherm elements are installed without material stress (no bending thanks to the parallel system) with 8 cm spacing as standard. This makes the surfaces feel evenly warm.

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