Heating and cooling with the AvidoTherm feel-good climate

for industry, commerce and public buildings

The AvidoTherm feel-good climate system is based on the principle of panel heating. However, it represents a generation change in the technology of this surface temperature control.

With the development of parallel pipe routing, we have managed to significantly reduce energy costs for you. Thanks to automated production techniques, we are also able to realise this with fair purchase costs.

You can find out how our heating system or, more precisely, our temperature control system works in detail in the respective application.

Important for you: We at AvidoTherm-Wohlfühl-Klima are so convinced of our technology that we give you a 50-year guarantee on our elements!

The best feel-good climate – whether in industry or public buildings

Hall heating

With AvidoTherm, healthy heat or cooling within minutes at low energy costs.

Workshop heating

Heating a workshop seems impossible. Not for AvidoTherm. At high speed to a pleasant temperature.

Heating for public buildings

Whether schools, museums or offices. Spreading heat via radiation with AvidoTherm.

Greenhouse heating

No more frost in winter. Exhaust-free heat for your plants with AvidoTherm.

Your advantages with the AvidoTherm system

Work quickly & without braking

The system takes effect within minutes and delivers warmth or cool freshness. Once up to temperature, it cannot be slowed down even by open gates, etc. Your employees can work undisturbed at any time.

Healthy and emission-free

For many people, dust or air-conditioning systems represent an unpleasant health burden. The AvidoTherm system does not stir up dust when heating and prevents unpleasantly dry “air conditioning air” when cooling.

Low purchase and energy costs

The AvidoTherm system costs no more than installing conventional heating systems. However, it works much more effectively and saves energy.

Space-saving & invisible

As our system is installed directly into the floor, wall and ceiling, it requires hardly any space and is practically invisible. You and your employees will only feel it comfortably and be able to work in it liberated.

20 years warranty

Die guten Erfahrungen aus vielen Jahren haben gezeigt, dass die AvidoTherm-Elemente verlässlich sind. This enables us to offer you a 20-year guarantee.

Can be installed on any wall & any floor.

In drywall, in plaster, directly in the concrete layer or on curved surfaces – the AvidoTherm system is so versatile that it fits in everywhere.

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